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Letter: Emperor Trump has no clothes

A view of a carnival's float with a

A view of a carnival's float with a figure depicting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and the inscription "Make Fascism Great Again" in Duesseldorf, Germany, Feb. 8, 2016. A violent storm forced the cancellation of the Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) procession in the city. Rose Monday is the highlight of the carnival season. Credit: EPA / Federico Gambarini

I suggest that all parents buy or borrow the book “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. It’s the story of an emperor who unknowingly engages crooked weavers. They pretend to make him fine clothing.

Once completed, the emperor undressed and the weavers helped him try on imaginary garments while telling him that the outfit was very light and not cumbersome. He walked in a public procession where everyone was afraid to say anything until finally a child pointed out that the king had nothing on.

Our public is like that. Donald Trump has no substance [“Clinton, Trump clash,” News, March 22]. He continually repeats and bloviates the same nonsensical positions while everyone — including candidates, politicians, moderators and journalists — tiptoe around him. Too few question the specifics of his ridiculous positions and his bigotry.

Jeffrey Myles Klein, Centereach


A lot has been made of how Donald Trump is beholden to no one and is self-funding his campaign [“Clinton, Trump clash,” News, March 22]. He’s getting it pretty darn cheap, if you ask me. How much does a phone call from Trump Tower to CNN or MSNBC cost? That’s apparently all he spends to get live, on-air coverage almost any time of the day.

As for actual money he’s spending, I contend he made his money from overly generous tax breaks from politicians eager to cozy up to the developer who’s really upfront about purchasing politicians.

Whose pockets do those tax breaks come out of? Ours, of course.

Ann Kemler, Long Beach


Reflecting on Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America great again,” I wonder, when did the United States become anything other than a great country [“Not obligated to vote for the woman,” Opinion, March 6]?

His slogan is merely more of Trump’s baseless rhetoric intended to incite the masses for his own ego. It’s insulting to our hardworking citizens, leaders and volunteers who make America a great nation.

I’m for candidates who will embrace slogans like, “Keep America great” or “Make America even greater.”

Jack Heinlein, Middle Island