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Letter: End tax breaks for religous groups

St. Ignatius Jesuit Retreat House in Manhasset. (June 10,

St. Ignatius Jesuit Retreat House in Manhasset. (June 10, 2011) Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

So we've destroyed another structure from a bygone era, and with it a touch of history ["Historic rooms of mansion torn apart," News, Dec. 7].

According to the former owners, the upkeep on the Gatsby-era home in North Hills was just too expensive. And the buyer, developer Manhasset Bay Group, is demolishing the home to build houses.

But while citizens will miss viewing the once-beautiful structure, at least taxpayers will reap the benefit of taxes collected on the $36.5 million paid to the group that sold it, the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order. Oh, wait, Jesuits owned it? Oh well, there go the taxes.

We should be taxing houses of worship of all denominations. It is way past time to eliminate the religious tax haven and get our nation's budget in order.

Bruce M. Resch, East Meadow