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Letter: End tax exemptions after IRS woes

IRS tax forms.

IRS tax forms. Credit: istock

No one wants to pay taxes, that is a given ["It's time to end tax-exempt status," Opinion, May 15]. But to pay for the common infrastructure and protection of everyone, from the littlest child to the largest corporation, we rely on the government. But the system is broken.

The basic problem is that the tax code has been used since time immemorial to implement social and political agendas, as opposed to having any sort of fairness doctrine at its core.

So let me enrage all groups at once. First, every religious institution should be taxed. It is unconstitutional not to do so. By getting tax-free status, religion is "established" by the government.

There should be no exemption for children. You want kids, pay for them. If you want a McMansion, fine, but don't deduct interest on the mortgage.

Why have subsidies for businesses? Good ideas will flourish, bad ones will fail, and why should I subsidize gasoline anyway? Hey, Company X, you want infrastructure? Taxes pay for that. You want new equipment? Fine, but it doesn't become valueless after five years.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington