The unfortunate incident in Brentwood that cost a child and a woman their lives should make all our county leaders stand up and stop the seemingly illegal housing situation ["Deadly blast: Gone in an instant," News, Aug. 15].

All across Long Island, there are one-family houses chopped up and used as boardinghouses, squeezing multiple families into unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

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In many houses, several families are living under one roof where the homeowner charges all the families rent, yet pays one set of school and property taxes.

The county leaders should take a stand and have these illegal owners pay property and school taxes equal to the number of families living in the home. This would stop the illegal housing.

Until our county leaders do something to remedy the situation, more lives will be lost, property values will deteriorate, and the honest taxpayers of Long Island will see their taxes increase yearly.

Elizabeth Leyser, Hicksville