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Letter: Ethanol's price hidden in ways

A masked gunman stole money and cigarettes from

A masked gunman stole money and cigarettes from a Westbury gas station Monday night, Jan. 19, 2014, and ran off, Nassau police said. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

If you talk to any mechanic about ethanol, they will tell you how it dissolves gaskets and seals of small engines that weren't designed for it ["No downside to ethanol fuel use," Letters, Feb. 25].

The reason for its low cost is that it isn't taxed the same way regular gasoline is. And the real downside is that all the farmers who use corn for animal feed are paying much more for the corn and then passing it along to us the consumer in higher prices for beef, pork and other products.

So, you may pay less for auto fuel, but you pay more at the grocery store!

Paul Nardone Jr., Bayville


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