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Letter: Experienced teachers often are better

Teacher in a classroom.

Teacher in a classroom. Credit: File Photo

I don't see how "the entrenched rights of unionized teachers" hold back education reform, as your editorial argued ["Don't weaken teacher evals," June 12].

Who says that younger, newer teachers are better than older, more experienced teachers? I would think that the opposite should be true. Also, considering the attrition rate in New York City, the teachers who stay are obviously more interested in teaching than those who have left.

Teachers unions are not the only ones with the "last in, first out" rule. Why are they singled out for reform of this rule?

Tenure is granted in New York State only after a teacher has been judged satisfactory after three years. Ineffective teachers are weeded out in that period.

Tenure does not guarantee a job for life. It merely means that a teacher must be given a fair hearing before being terminated. Anyone who thinks that teaching is easy should try it.

Stuart Kucker, Oakland Gardens

Editor's note: The writer taught in New York City schools for 32 years.