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Letter: Faithful have an obligation to Earth

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a plan

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a plan to cut power-plant carbon pollution by 30 percent nationwide by 2030. Credit: iStock

Regarding "Asking the clergy: Are we obligated to protect Earth?" [Faith, Jan. 10], I was interested to read the statements by various local clergy, though I considered it unlikely that any would deny an obligation to the environment.

We need to look beyond how the environment meets our needs and understand the results of extracting limited resources and trashing the Earth. I don't appreciate the consequences for us or for future generations.

An effective next step in changing the story of how we meet our obligation to the environment would be to stand up and say, "Enough!" Let us all ask our legislators of all faiths to put a price on carbon before we ruin the legacy of our precious environment.

Carol Capper, Rockaway Park