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Letter: Family court made bad decisions

Family handout of 2-year-old Charles Jonathan Gooch. The

Family handout of 2-year-old Charles Jonathan Gooch. The last time Carlyle Richards Jr. heard his 2-year-old son's voice on the phone, he knew something was not right. Richards, of Freeport, says he will probably never know what his son went through in the days or moments before his death. (July 8, 2013) Credit: Handout

Reading "A father's grief" [News, July 29], it's a wonder anyone at all believes that the family court system acts in the best interest of children. That joint physical custody is not the default in this day is archaic.

Mothers work, fathers work -- this isn't the 1950s when there was sometimes a stay-at-home parent. How does determining that the mother receive custody, without work or housing prospects, while wishing to move across country benefit a child? How does making the father a stranger to the child benefit a child?

The decision by Family Court Judge Conrad Singer was one-size-fits-all, the end result of which was the death of C.J. Gooch. That he reviewed his own failed decision and absolved himself from responsibility in the death of this child would be comical if it weren't so tragic.

The other failure in this incident was legal guardian Lisa Daniels.

Dan Radzicki, East Meadow