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Letter: Fast-food wages should be raised

Demonstrators for minimum wage increases for fast-food workers

Demonstrators for minimum wage increases for fast-food workers at the state Capitol in Albany on June 17, 2014. Credit: Albany Times Union / John Carl D'Annibale

There is a great deal of debate about whether the minimum wage should be raised ["Raising a wage issue," Business, May 20].

As a single mother, I've been fortunate enough to never have worked in a minimum-wage job. Despite this, I still struggle to support my family. My story is not dissimilar to many others who work paycheck to paycheck.

Despite making slightly more than minimum wage, I was still forced to get a second job just to be able to pay for my transportation to work. If I am struggling to pay taxes, rent, insurance and child care and to buy food, how can another parent like me support his or her family making only $8.75 per hour?

This is why the fast-food wage board initiated by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is so important. I urge the board to recommend raising the wage to $15. No one should have to decide between putting food on the table and keeping the lights on.

Tembi Jenkins, Brentwood