Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letter: Federal leaders should try poverty

The Capitol Dome silhouetted against the rising sun

The Capitol Dome silhouetted against the rising sun in Washington, DC. Credit: Getty Images

Week after week as I follow the news, I am disturbed by our federal leaders ["Workers use food stamps," News, Jan. 27].

Why is it so hard for them to pinpoint waste and avoid hurting less fortunate individuals who need government help? I see families and individuals who need help with food, heat, clothing, shelter -- just the basics.

Our federal leaders have good-paying jobs, homes, healthful food, heat and air conditioning, family vacations, good health care, and good, if not excellent, educations for their children. Why don't we transplant our federal leaders to areas where they can experience the government for themselves? Give them the opportunity to receive food stamps, Medicaid and other programs, and see how they adjust and survive.

Dwayne M. Simonton, Hicksville