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Letter: Federal officials, increase hunting

Dan Scanlon, an airport operations manager at Westchester

Dan Scanlon, an airport operations manager at Westchester County Airport, describes while in the airport bridge the various methods used to try to prevent birds from being struck by airplanes. (June 4, 2012) Credit: Nancy Siesel

I find it odd that in light of the reported rise in bird strikes at our local airports, the federal Fish & Wildlife Service is thinking about canceling the American brant goose hunting season this year ["Killing geese isn't the only answer," Letters, July 2].

I'm a waterfowl hunter who hunts in the shadow of Kennedy Airport. During the fall hunting season, the sky is sometimes blackened with so many of these birds. There are thousands near our airports, and shutting down the season would only add to the danger posed by these birds and others.

The daily limit on these birds is two, which is a joke. I hope the Fish & Wildlife Service and Federal Aviation Administration look into this. One day a large flock might strike an aircraft, and the results will be different from "Miracle on the Hudson" Flight 1549.

Bruce Vesloski, Carle Place