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Letter: Feral cats have been abandoned

To the man who was so infuriated by the cats in the park ["Why the cats in county park?" Letters, April 27]: These ladies who are trapping, neutering and releasing these poor creatures are doing wonderful work.

None of your precious tax dollars is going to care for these cats, because the people who do this, and I am one of them, do it out of our own pockets and with contributions from other compassionate people.

The cats are in the park because morons dump them there when they tire of a pet or relocate. They think the cats can fend for themselves. Because of these irresponsible, and in my opinion, criminal, cat owners, we find ourselves with a deluge of cats and kittens. It worsens every breeding season.

The cost of neutering and caring for these abandoned cats is by no means a small thing, and many of us find we can't afford to do as much as we once did. There are many kind veterinarians who charge a minimal fee for ferals, but if you are feeling the pain of a half-dead economy, you are watching your pennies.

I recently rescued an elderly cat that was so starved he looked like a walking skeleton. There is no doubt that he was abandoned by some cruel and thoughtless person who had been the love of his life for many years.

Perhaps instead of fulminating about the situation, you might volunteer some time to help with the problem. Cats and dogs are our responsibility. Abandoning any animal should mean a hefty fine and a year of cleanup duty at the town shelter.

Yvonne Kleine, Bayport


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