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Letter: Find other ways to fund water cleanup

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone pictured on Sept.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone pictured on Sept. 17, 2015. Credit: Ed Betz

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s proposal to charge a fee to clean up our waterways sounds worthy, but it’s not something residents should approve [“Bellone touts importance of water fee,” News, April 26].

Why would anyone trust Bellone to use this surcharge properly?

The county had been saving money by having the sheriff’s department patrol Sunrise Highway and the Long Island Expressway. But Bellone put the county police back on those roads.

He told us he was installing red-light cameras for safety, not for the fees they generate. I don’t believe that.

In addition, this proposed water surcharge has no expiration date. If we need funds for water quality, why doesn’t the county use the fees from red-light violations? Take Suffolk County police off the two highways mentioned, and then we would have the money for the problem of water quality.

Bob Southard, South Setauket