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Letter: Finding humor in clothesline bans

Officials are concerned about the look of wet

Officials are concerned about the look of wet laundry hanging along village streets. Photo Credit: News 12 Long Island

I find it comical that the clothesline controversy is back in the news ["Great Neck draws a line," News, Dec. 6]. How well I remember the Southampton ban in 2002 that was lifted six years later. It seemed that certain homeowners in this posh neighborhood had come to the conclusion that the sight of clotheslines was seedy and offensive.

This sure puts a new spin on airing your dirty laundry!

One of my best friends hangs out her husband's Hanes, just because she loves the fresh smell on their clothes. And while the Southampton ban was in place, it was OK to show a bra strap in public, just as long as it hung from a clavicle and not a clothespin. Even a thong was acceptable, providing it hung from a hip and not a hanger.

So here we are again. The residents of another neighborhood feel that the sight of a clothesline makes their upscale neighborhood look a little shabby. It will be interesting to see just how long it takes Great Neck residents to come to their senses.

Debbie Carbone, Centerport