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Good Afternoon

Letter: Firing of SBU coach seems incompetent

Former Stony Brook University athletic director Jim Fiore.

Former Stony Brook University athletic director Jim Fiore. Credit: Handout

I read with interest Newsday's article "Harassment complaint led to firing" [News, Nov. 28]. Once again, Stony Brook University does what is "in the best interest of the university" by ending its relationship with athletic director Jim Fiore "as quickly as possible."

In its typically self-serving way, the Stony Brook administration pats itself on the back for taking "all claims of discrimination and sexual harassment seriously and [reviewing] them in a timely manner."

One must ask: How timely is a year later? Now Stony Brook has agreed to pay Fiore's contract through the end of its term, or $800,000.

Similar to the university's mea culpa a few years back when it prematurely pulled the rug from under its enrolled student population at its Southampton campus. The Stony Brook University administration is at it again, a day late and $800,000 short.

Mary Roulette, West Islip