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Letters: First, fix LIRR’s faulty switches

LIRR conductor checks a platform at Jamaica station

LIRR conductor checks a platform at Jamaica station as a commuter tries to board on July 8, 2014. On that date, most LIRR unions had settled their contracts, but the engineers contract was still being negotiated. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

The governor proposes that in four years, we will have a renovated Penn Station as well as a new train hall built at the old Farley post office on Eighth Avenue [“Put the new Penn Station on the right track,” Editorial, Oct. 2].

It looks beautiful, but why do we need this? Is any of the $1.2 billion makeover going to replace signal switches that break down constantly? Will any money go to fix the tunnels that smoke up, frequently causing delays?

I guess having double the space to sit and wait for a train is worth it. I’d better get in line now for Shake Shack!

Kevin H. Fox, Jericho


Missing from your reporting is a key low-cost option that could benefit tens of thousands of riders.

Until the 1970s, both Long Island Rail Road and NJ Transit riders exiting east at Penn Station had a direct underground passageway known as the Hilton corridor. It was also known as the Gimbels passageway.

It provided an indoor connection to the 34th Street Herald Square B, D, F and M and N, R and Q subway lines, along with Port Authority Trans Hudson station complex. A developer estimated that it could be restored for $150 million.

Larry Penner, Great Neck

Editor’s note: The writer worked for 31 years for the Federal Transit Administration New York office.