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Letter: First lady didn’t need to mention slavery

First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage during

First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. Credit: AP

If we all want to be treated equally, why do we celebrate our differences?

Addresses such as those given by Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention only polarize us as a society [“Michelle Obama stands with Hillary, history,” News, July 26]. I’m not talking about only Americans, but the whole of civilization.

We have to identify those qualities that make all people one people. We’re not whites, blacks, gays, straights, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Europeans, Chinese, or even man or woman, for that matter. Stop with the labels already. We’re one people, one civilization, one world. We don’t need to alienate anyone, but we need to celebrate our similarities.

For example, why must we bring up slavery again as the first lady did? The history of humankind has been filled with atrocities. Now it’s time to leave history to the historians and work with each other to build peace and harmony.

James Bianco, Melville


I loved first lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention. I wish I had recorded it so I could hear it again. Wait — maybe all I have to do is wait for Melania Trump’s next speech.

Stuart H. Cooper, Richmond Hill