Columnist Lane Filler likens the country's debt and deficit crisis to a cancer that needs a temporary, but tough and painful, sacrifice of going over the "fiscal cliff" -- similar to chemotherapy or radiation that aims to heal cancer victims [" 'Fiscal cliff' would provide a pound of cure," Opinion, Nov. 30].

Barring a deal in Congress, Filler states the economy would "tamp down," and he predicts unemployment at back over 9 percent, costing 2 million jobs. He further states that his proposal is "fair," while allowing tax rates to rise only for families making more than $250,000 a year is not.

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There are millions without jobs who have gone through savings and lost homes. Expecting them to face another recession does not sound fair.

If Filler knew he would be one of those losing a job, going through his savings and maybe even losing a home, would he still feel that was the fairest answer to the country's economic problems?

Manny Martin, Manhattan