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Good Afternoon

Letter: Flights out of Islip inconvenient

A Southwest Airline 737 plane lands at MacArthur

A Southwest Airline 737 plane lands at MacArthur Airport in Islip. Credit: Newsday, 2010 / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Long Island MacArthur Airport is a good facility with easy parking ["Upgrade for foreign fliers," News, Feb. 10].

I would drive the additional distance from western Nassau to avoid the other airports if the flights were convenient. Unfortunately, most are not.

Southwest has few nonstop flights. Most require a stop or change of flight. I've had to wait two or three hours for a connection. I go elsewhere and pay more for a direct flight to avoid these connections.

MacArthur serves a large enough population to be successful. Unfortunately, convenient flights are lacking.

Steve Greenlick, Manhasset