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Letter: Florida's foolish laws

Parishioners pray and applaude as the community listens

Parishioners pray and applaude as the community listens to a sermon given by Rev. Dr. Sedgwick V. Easley as he talked about the verdict of in the George Zimmerman trial held at the Union Baptist Church in Hempstead. (July 14, 2013) Credit: Steve Pfost

Columnist Cathy Young completely misses the point ["Angry at Florida jury? At least study the facts," Opinion, July 16]. Racism aside, the "stand your ground" statute, combined with liberal gun laws in Florida, create a recipe for disaster.

People no longer have to act rationally in conflict situations. You can bring a gun to a fist fight, provoke your opponent, and shoot him or her without consequence, especially if the opponent is dead and there are no witnesses to the provocation. It relieves the provocateur of all responsibility.

Under this law, you cannot take into account the prior mindset or actions of the shooter -- only his impression in the moment. Here in New York, you had better have good reason to carry a gun and make every effort to avoid having to use it. "Stand your ground" cannot be used as an excuse for recklessness.

Peter P. Calarco, Glen Cove