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Letter: For tuition help, require achievement

There's a new option to pay for college,

There's a new option to pay for college, called income-share agreements, where students promise to pay a fixed percentage of their future income in exchange for money for college. Credit: iStock

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s tuition-free plan is neither a “scholarship” nor “revolutionary” [“A tuition-free plan,” News, Jan. 4].

In 1959, upon studying for and taking the competitive New York State scholarship exam, I earned an annual $750 scholarship, which was the maximum based on family income and which covered tuition at a private or public college in New York. If winners attended out-of-state schools, the stipend would go to an alternate on the list.

Newsday’s editorial is correct in that there needs to be “skin in the game,” either requiring graduation or academic achievement [“Free-tuition plan too hazy to pass,” Jan. 6].

Monetary participation awards with no strings attached simply aren’t a realistic investment for taxpayers or effective motivation for all potential college graduates.

Nancy Fetherston, St. James