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Good Afternoon

Letter: Fortunate rescue of clammers

Left, John Rose, 51, of Ronkonkoma, and right,

Left, John Rose, 51, of Ronkonkoma, and right, Paul Salentino, 36, of Holbrook, survived the choppy waters in the Oak Island Channel after their boat, far right, sank during a clam-fishing outing. (Oct. 7, 2013) Credit: James Carbone, handout

I am sure many people are grateful and relieved that the two clammers were rescued after their boat capsized ["Stranded for 12 hours," News, Oct. 8]. It is a tragedy to lose one's life performing any job or occupation, but it's especially so in clamming, where one can no longer make a viable living.

Wholesalers have banded together to set the price of clams at a ridiculously low level and have kept it there for many years. Everything else continues to rise, except the price of clams, and one by one, the diggers have left the bay. To me, this sounds like restraint of trade.

Peter Andrews, Sayville

Editor's note: The writer has been clamming for 40 years.