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Letter: Free education is a fair trade for service

Seminar in lecture hall.

Seminar in lecture hall. Photo Credit: iStock

At the start of the Korean War, I went to the Navy recruiting office and enlisted for four years. This was my effort to protect our citizens and country [“No such thing as free college,” Editorial, Aug. 21].

For the use of my mind and body, our government promised that if I were killed, it would provide a casket and a burial plot; my survivors would receive $10,000 and a folded flag.

If I were wounded, the government would give me free medical care. If I survived, the government would also pay for four years in college under the GI Bill of Rights. That was our contract. I gave four years, and the government gave me four years of college, and our country was defended.

There is no such thing as a free lunch; somebody has to pay for it. I am all for providing a college education to anyone willing to provide a couple of years of service to our great nation.

Chuck Darling, South Setauket