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Letter: Fuss with trans fats, but ignore tobacco?

In this file photo, an electronic cigarette is

In this file photo, an electronic cigarette is demonstrated. North Hempstead is proposing banning the devices from its public parks. Credit: AP / Nam Y. Huh, File

Reading "We won't miss the trans fats" [Editorial, June 21], regarding the Food and Drug Administration getting rid of trans fat in our diet, I have to wonder just what the federal government is doing about getting rid of tobacco products.

On TV, we see smokers who have lost their voices, toes, fingers and even legs. Yet, the government spends money telling people to stop smoking and continues to allow the sale of tobacco products.

If tobacco products were pills and drugs, they would have been removed from the market years ago. But with the money that all levels of government get in taxes from the sale of tobacco, the same governments continue to look the other way.

Thomas Smith, Riverhead

In answer to the letter about a ban on trans fats ruining Thanksgiving pies ["Tax trans fats, don't ban them," June 23], I buy a solid shortening that has no trans fats. Spend the extra dollar for a healthier product! Our families' health is worth it.

Irene Semon, Setauket