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Letter: Gateway Project a far better idea

A rendering of the Gateway Program to build

A rendering of the Gateway Program to build a new Hudson River tunnel. Credit: Amtrak

Newsday’s editorial board seems to believe that the original Hudson River tunnel plan — Access to the Region’s Core, or ARC — should have been built [“Obama should expedite Hudson rail tunnel,” Editorial, July 5]. Newsday doesn’t like that Gov. Chris Christie stopped the project. Perhaps Newsday should have paid more attention to the details of that plan.

That plan was to build a NJ Transit-only rail link to 34th Street — or Macy’s cellar in Manhattan. This would have been a near-useless tunnel.

I’m not saying Christie had the right motive in taking away the money, but the Gateway Project will build new tunnels and rail lines from Newark to Penn Station; it makes far more sense. They will supplement the existing, antiquated and rundown Amtrak tunnels. The project could also allow run-through of NJ Transit and Amtrak to Long Island Rail Road trains, and the reverse, by eliminating the “terminal” aspect of Penn Station.

Newsday should push for enhancements, such as these run-through trains. It would make for a much easier and shorter commute for Long Island residents who work in Newark.

Ron Troy, East Northport