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Letter: Get serious, selfless about safe driving

Tickets issued to motorists accused of texting while

Tickets issued to motorists accused of texting while driving have increased 35 percent across the state from 2013 to 2014, state officials said. Photo Credit: Newsday, 2011 / Thomas A. Ferrara

The way we drive our cars is a reflection on how we live our lives [“Cops to target texters,” News, April 9].

We all tend to be extremely selfish. Texting while driving is out of control. Speeding is rampant; so is running stop signs. The answer is not more policing, more signals or signs — although those definitely help.

Policing ourselves would be a nice start. As licensed drivers, we give our word to obey traffic laws. Does this not mean anything anymore? How many accidents need to occur? How many deaths and life-changing injuries?

Someone said that smart people learn from their own mistakes, and wise people learn from others’ mistakes. Driving “mistakes” leave behind a devastating trail of victims.

Bob Sommers, East Islip