Two letters arguing against tougher gun-control laws are perfect examples of the pettiness of such arguments ["Why gun rights must be defended," Nov. 1].

The first writer is against tougher laws because he doesn't like other things that go on in our country -- such as crime and homelessness among veterans.

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The second writer is worried that if we give in to politicians on this issue, we will have to face other laws in the future that we may not like.

Meantime, innocent people are dying! These petty arguments are unacceptable when put up against lives being lost due to too many guns on the streets.

We will never be able to completely eliminate gun violence, but we must do all we can. Until then, anytime a police officer is shot, or an innocent child is hit by a bullet in her living room, we all bear responsibility, and we all have blood on our hands.

Tom Zinno, Jericho