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Letter: Give Valley Stream an LIRR ‘Freedom Ticket’

A train on the Long Island Rail Road.

A train on the Long Island Rail Road. Photo Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin

The New York City Transit Riders Council has proposed a single discounted fare for people transferring between buses and subways and the Long Island Rail Road [“Special fare proposed,” News, Dec. 3]. The proposal is a perfect example of why the residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties feel that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a broken relic from a long-ago era.

The MTA is focused on the needs of New York City and looks to Long Island only for funds to lower the transportation costs of city residents. In this article, the riders council, a watchdog group, is concerned that residents of Rosedale have to pay $10 for a peak ride into Manhattan on the LIRR, versus the $2.75 bus and subway fare.

The next community to the east is Valley Stream, which has an $11.50 LIRR fare. Riders who cannot afford such a fare are forced to take the 90-minute bus and subway ride, like the residents of Rosedale.

Why is there no “Freedom Ticket” proposed for Valley Stream residents? Even worse, residents of Valley Stream are not afforded a free transfer to the subway in Jamaica, but instead must pay an additional fare.

The time for Long Islanders to demand equal treatment from the MTA is now, and we demand our elected officials look out for us.

Patrick Heaney, Malverne