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Good Afternoon

Letter: Glen Cove needs hospital, not plaza

An artist rendering of the proposed Village Piazza

An artist rendering of the proposed Village Piazza development in Glen Cove. Credit: City of Glen Cove

Isn't it ironic that state funds are being sought for a public piazza in Glen Cove, even as residents fight to save our hospital ["$44M sought for LI," Business, Sept. 25]?

Glen Cove has lost businesses, and now we are facing losing much of our hospital, but we will have a fancy plaza. Glen Cove does not need a plaza; it needs new business and it most definitely needs to keep the hospital.

I would welcome the plaza if it were built with revenue from new businesses. Glen Cove Hospital has been an integral part of our community, both for health care and employment. Priorities are not in place concerning what the residents really need and want in Glen Cove.

Ann Grella, Glen Cove