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Letter: Good riddance to schools commissioner

New York State Education Commissioner Dr. John King,

New York State Education Commissioner Dr. John King, seen in a 2013 photo, is resigning to take a post in the Obama administration. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

I'm used to Newsday being on the wrong side, but your Dec. 12 editorial "King advanced education in NY" was laughably ridiculous.

Common Core is a disgrace and an unnecessary burden for our children, especially first- and second-graders, who have yet to develop any sort of analytical thinking. King's arrogance and refusal to budge or even to attend some of the numerous parent meetings tells the true story of our education system on its way to ruin.

Contrary to your editorial, most parents and educators detest the ridiculous Common Core standards. And to say that opposition has waned is a blatant lie. Your paper simply refuses to cover it or give credence to those opposed to the liberal agenda.

Good riddance to King, and I hope soon to the Common Core.

Patrick Burke, Valley Stream