William F. B. O'Reilly's column is indicative of the Republican fallacy ["The GOP really needs to find a new PR firm," Opinion, Jan. 7]. While he claims that the Democrats are leading the country to ruin, Republicans refuse to admit that it was their policies that got us into the debt mess in the first place.

Their unfunded tax cuts, Iraq and Afghanistan wars and Medicare Part D -- compounded by the spending necessary to dig our way out of the Great Recession -- brought on by their political allies -- have driven the debt to where it is today.

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O'Reilly makes the case that the Republicans must stay true to their convictions. But he doesn't tell us what those convictions are or the expense cuts they would fight for. Voucherizing Medicare, privatizing Social Security and replacing Medicaid with block grants to the states have been shown to be losers with the electorate.

Please tell the rest of us the Republicans' grand ideas for less spending. We'd like to see you embrace those ideas and sell them to the American public.

Carl Borruso, Valley Stream