It’s a shame that Suffolk County hasn’t done anything to stop the problems of drug abuse and homelessness in Coram. The Coram Beverage Center had been closed for weeks [“Coram beer distributor shuttered,” News, Dec. 3]. Did it stop homeless people and drug users from hanging out around this property? No. Did it stop prostitution or crime in the area? No.

The real problem has not been taken care of. Local officials claim they solved this problem by closing a business. They’ve done nothing.

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I understand the plight of Coram residents and business owners. They’ve worked tirelessly to try to tackle problems in the area. However, this problem is just too big for them to handle. This problem needs the county, state and federal government to step up.

Larry Mikorenda, Middle Island

Editor’s note: The writer is president of The Longwood Chamber of Commerce, located in Middle Island.