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Letter: Groening was a willing participant

Holocaust survivor Eva Kor and former Nazi guard

Holocaust survivor Eva Kor and former Nazi guard Oskar Groening shake hands after a trial session in Berlin, Germany where Groening is facing 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. Credit: Eva Kor's Twitter

Oskar Groening arrived at Auschwitz in 1942, the year I was born, as a member of the Nazi SS and served as a money launderer . The question is asked, "How to judge those whose ink-marked hands facilitated crimes?"

Readers should be reminded that the members of the SS were Nazi elite, selected on the basis of racial purity and ideology. Commitment and unquestioned loyalty were paramount. When they received orders, they carried them out without hesitation and with enthusiasm.

Groening feels that he is morally culpable but not legally so. Although he served as a money launderer with diligence and dedication, he would have served equally so had he been given an assignment of dropping Zyklon B pellets into the gas chambers.

To my mind, there is no legal dilemma here. He was a willing participant to mass murder and should be executed as a war criminal.

Vincent Fiordalisi, East Norwich


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