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Letter: Group confronted Goetz with menace

Police say 65-year-old Bernie Goetz was nabbed in

Police say 65-year-old Bernie Goetz was nabbed in a sting operation in Union Square selling $30 worth of pot to an undercover officer. (1987) Credit: AP

Newsday is still indulging in revisionist history with "Bernie Goetz back in spotlight" [News, Nov. 3].

In this AP story, the four youths who menaced Goetz back in 1984 were referred to as "panhandling youths." Huh? When I hear the term panhandler, I imagine a homeless street person who meekly asks passersby for pocket change.

The four who menaced Goetz and fellow subway riders carried sharpened screwdrivers. Their intention was to intimidate Goetz and perhaps other passengers into giving them cash and other belongings. They did not expect anyone to stand up to them. Panhandlers indeed!

Vic DiVietro, East Islip