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Letter: Group opposes needed homes

Once again, Dick Amper and his Long Island Pine Barrens Society have decided to waste everyone's time and continue to use delay tactics to block the much-needed and welcomed project in Middle Island by a developer called Concern for Independent Living ["Zoning hearing in dispute over housing project set," News, May 22].

It seems to me that our veterans and people with disabilities are worthy of shelter and the services needed for them to lead lives that the rest of us enjoy. Amper and his associates need to walk a mile in their shoes to understand how difficult life for people with disabilities can be.

Why does he continue to throw roadblocks in their path and make their burden worse daily? One can only wonder what is behind their actions. The tiger salamander and humans can coexist in harmony.

I went to the meetings held by the Town of Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals. Amper kept repeating his mantra of "restrictive covenants," but failed to explain them. I believe that he and the Long Island Pine Barrens Society will find another and another excuse to block this project. How mean-spirited can you get?

Anitra A. Ahrens, Coram

Editor's note: The writer has a disabled friend who left New York to find affordable, accessible housing.


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