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Letter: Gun-control law changed on the sly

Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between

Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between May and December 2014 are put on display as the NYPD announce results of a firearms trafficking investigation on Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 Credit: Uli Seit

It's pretty clear that when our some of our elected representatives in Albany aren't busy lining their pockets with extracurricular income, they're taking a course titled "How to kill a controversial law without attracting public scrutiny" ["Dems denounce Cuomo for partly easing gun law," News, July 12].

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who was rightfully proud of gun-control legislation that he pushed through the Senate and Assembly following the Sandy Hook massacre more than two years ago, agreed to weaken a provision of the law that regulated the sale of some types of ammunition.

Reasonable people can certainly disagree with this and other provisions of this law. However, there are three aspects of this issue that don't pass the smell test.

First, how about some public debate?

Second, what a coincidence that this was announced on a Friday in July. In politics, the best time to announce something that you don't want anyone to know about is a Friday in the summer.

Finally, and most insultingly, the governor's spokesman stated that this provision of the law was difficult to enforce because of technological inadequacies. Please. That sounds like the grown-up equivalent of "the dog ate my homework."

Chris Marzuk, Greenlawn