A letter argued that presidential candidate Ben Carson's comments on the Holocaust and gun confiscation were "ridiculous" ["Carson's 'ridiculous' Holocaust claim," Oct. 23]. Carson stated that if Jews had had guns, it would have been more difficult for the Nazis to have dominated them. Carson did not say that this would have prevented the Holocaust.

The writer made an analogy to slavery in the United States. However, having guns did allow slaves to fight back, as historians have written.

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"The first North American English colonies, then the states of the new republic, remained in dread fear of armed blacks, for slave revolts against slave owners often degenerated into less selective forms of racial warfare," Theodore Brantner Wilson wrote in "The Black Codes of the South."

Stanley Elkins wrote in his book "Slavery": "Restrictions on slave possession of arms go back a very long way. While arms restrictions on free blacks predate it, these restrictions increased dramatically after Nat Turner's Rebellion in 1831, a revolt that caused the South to become increasingly irrational in its fears."

John Ryan, Flushing