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Letter: Halt Bethpage plume immediately

Anthony Sabino, attorney for Bethpage Water District makes

Anthony Sabino, attorney for Bethpage Water District makes a statement at a meeting held by the NY State Dept. of Enviormental Conservation to discuss plan to clean groundwater at the Bethpage Community Park, which was contaminated by Northrup Grumman. (June 12, 2012) Credit: Daniel Goodrich

In response to "A neighborhood's cancer questions" [News, Sept. 25], as a lifelong resident of Bethpage, I am not the least bit surprised by your reporting on the water contamination. However, it is astonishing that there is even a debate about who will rectify this dire issue and how.

This situation needs to be fully corrected immediately. People's lives are at stake. Given the severity of the issue, the price tag isn't relevant.

While the science is murky and the cause of cancer is certainly difficult to pinpoint, the mere fact that contamination elsewhere has been identified and linked to certain cancers is enough for Nassau County, New York State and the Navy to drop every other task.

Moreover, can someone please explain why the specific and unwavering concerns of Bethpage's residents over the years have been handled in such a callous manner?

My father passed away from cancer at 52. Interestingly, one of the toxic plumes cuts directly through Dorothy Street where he lived. Not too long afterward, multiple houses in this area also experienced untimely deaths due to cancer.

We always considered it a sad coincidence, but the statistical anomalies can no longer be dismissed.

Thomas Procida, Bethpage