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Letter: Hand-rolled bagels are a treasure

Robert Tattenbaum, 46, owner of Stuff N' Bagels,

Robert Tattenbaum, 46, owner of Stuff N' Bagels, in Oceanside, behind the counter on Aug. 22, 2014. Credit: Heather Walsh

The article about Stuff N' Bagels warmed my stomach ["Keeping business fresh," Business, Sept. 2].

It's almost impossible on eastern Long Island to enjoy a hand-rolled, water-boiled Jewish bagel. It was heartening to know that they are still lovingly made in Oceanside.

As for the director of the Small Business Development Center at Farmingdale State College saying, "A bagel is a bagel," and that prices should be lowered, she doesn't know bubkes about soul food! That's like saying a croissant is a taco!

A warm, buttered, everything, water-boiled bagel is manna from heaven! Keep up your standards, Stuff N' Bagels! Now, if I could only find a decent bialy in Suffolk County.

Chuck Darling, South Setauket