Newsday regularly reports on drunken driving arrests and deaths on Long Island -- heartbreaking, needless deaths leaving broken, devastated families in their wakes. The available statistics on such deaths, from 2010, are 360 in New York and 10,228 nationally. Fully 31 percent of all driving fatalities are attributable to drunken driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Your ExploreLI front-page article on Jan. 8 was titled, "Here's to happier hours; 5 places with great drink deals." In light of the drunken driving statistics and those pointless deaths, this promotional article is utterly reprehensible. Do you find it either responsible or in any way appropriate to publish a guide to happy hour hot spots, knowing, as we all do, that the means of transport on Long Island is almost 100 percent by car? Is it necessary to promote places to get drinks cheap or, better yet, two for the price of one? Is it necessary to publish an article that promotes drinking as cheap, loads of fun and easy?

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Where is Newsday's sense of civic responsibility?

Diane Gutierrez, Northport