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Letter: Hardware business a model for solar power

This massive solar farm, hard at work on

This massive solar farm, hard at work on April 4, 2015, sits along Edwards Avenue in Calverton. Credit: Steve Pfost

Long Island has a standout climate change leader in Hank Brinkmann, co-owner of Brinkmann’s True Value Hardware stores [“The Solar Shift,” News, Dec. 15]. His new Miller Place store is the first retail facility in the state to be fully powered by renewable energy. Now, Brinkmann and his staff have set a goal to power all of their business buildings with renewable energy by 2025. Hallelujah!

I have asked Brinkmann to post online his renewable energy model so that other businessmen and women may use it as a guide. This could spur a Long Island, state and national renewable energy movement among businesspeople.

Wouldn’t it be something if PSEG Long Island and the Long Island Power Authority set a goal to power Long Island with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025? On an island where homes and businesses have been torn apart by storms fed by fossil fuel-driven climate change, that would be something to celebrate.

Peter Maniscalco, Manorville

Editor’s note: The writer is a Long Island energy activist.