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Good Afternoon

Letter: Hasidic communities and growing tension

Hasidic Satmar Jews walk across the Williamsburg Bridge

Hasidic Satmar Jews walk across the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. Credit: Getty

I read with interest "Village's growing pains" [News, July 6] about the ultra-Orthodox Satmar Hasidic Jews in the Hudson Valley who want to annex another 507 acres. I have a relative who lives near Kiryas Joel, and she has recounted the growing dissension between the two factions.

This proposed takeover is tearing the Monroe community apart, pitting people against people -- which no doubt will trigger anti-Semitism when that's not the issue.

These land takeovers have happened on Long Island and in other areas near Westchester, too. ultra-Orthodox factions manage to get on school boards and then, focused on their own private agenda, vote against what is best for the community schools.

Karen Blicker, Hicksville