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Letter: Hazardous stretch along Route 110 repair

On northbound Route 110 in Melville, where drivers

On northbound Route 110 in Melville, where drivers are given little notice that the right lane changes into a turn lane, a black car travels straight through the intersection before merging with through traffic. Credit: Newsday / Judy Cartwright

I'd like Newsday and Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone to know that the Route 110 construction project is truly a safety hazard to drivers and pedestrians ["Traveling on the rocky road of progress," News, Aug. 6].

The existing road is in such poor condition that it desperately needs to be milled down. Temporary patches have deteriorated into deep ruts, which are damaging cars and risking lives as people swerve to avoid them.

I called the town to voice my concern and was referred to state officials.

Michael Rampello, Melville