I appreciate the news story regarding the need for healing upon the inauguration of Donald Trump as president [“To heal a nation,” Jan. 1].

Trump does indeed have a Herculean task in bringing our nation back together after a difficult election. Yet, is it Trump’s task alone? For the nation to heal, we need all stakeholders to put aside their prejudices and look to the greater good.

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At the head of the line to put prejudices aside should be our national press community. This story in the second paragraph mentioned the Democratic mantra of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote.

Healing our nation is not necessarily about bringing the winners and losers together. It’s more effective when the best ideas of both sides are considered. Wanting to replace Obamacare is not the same as wanting to send women into alleys for abortions or increasing our infant mortality rate. Taking a balanced approach to environmental regulation is not the same as wanting to turn our planet into a smoldering cinder.

Democrats and their policies were rejected across the country at nearly every level of government. So, part of this healing has to include a recognition that tens of millions of Americans wanted a new direction.

Chris Dillon, Centerport