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Letter: Help kids who can be saved

This file photo shows dogtags and an American

This file photo shows dogtags and an American flag. Credit: iStock

Anne Michaud almost has it right in her column "A failure to communicate our values" [Opinion, Sept. 11], about the misguided young man killed fighting for the Islamic State group.

But the failure is not the fault of the American community, as she would have us blindly believe; it is a failure of parenting and loving support that traditionally begins at one's birth and ends at the death of the parent.

When involved and loving parents are absent, children are left to their own devices. Some use this freedom wisely, others poorly. And that is their right as Americans.

If people really wish to help this generation of disenfranchised children, I suggest we stop fretting about those who can't be saved and spend far more time with those who can be.

D. Alan Barth, Huntington