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Letter: Heroin is, at first, a choice

It's critically important that those suffering from addiction

It's critically important that those suffering from addiction become aware of treatment, which includes medication to treat withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Credit: Getty Images

Newsday published an article by The Associated Press titled “Tackling heroin overdoses” [News, May 9].

The article begins with the “alarming” number of overdoses from heroin and related painkillers and suggests the idea of safe injection sites for addicts. The sites are overseen by doctors and nurses and have worked well in Sydney and Vancouver.

The article fails to mention the cost and who would pay for individuals to use these deadly drugs. Why should hardworking people pay for someone who chooses this way of life?

Using heroin or other opioids isn’t a sickness at the beginning. It’s a choice. Most of the people who begin using know the potential for addiction and possibly death, and they still decide to use.

We need to continue incarcerating drug dealers. We must stay the course and not give in to people who choose a self-destructive way of life and the dealers who benefit. Otherwise, where does it end?

Mark Maniet, Wantagh