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Letter: High-earners and overtime pay

A stock image of a pile of money.

A stock image of a pile of money. Credit: iStock

It should be noted that the top 10 overtime earners last year in Nassau County -- nine of whom are police officers, and one a police union trustee -- would fit the 1 percent categorized as wealthy by the Occupy Wall Street movement ["OT jump hits Nassau," News, March 17].

Each one has a base pay of at least $135,000. Anyone in the private sector at that salary level would most likely be expected to work as many hours as necessary to complete his or her assigned tasks and would be exempt from overtime pay.

My brother is one of those Wall Street workers, and despite his upper-middle-class income, he works a 10-hour day, is always on call, and has no pension plan or job security. Taxpayers working in the stagnant private sector cannot continue to support the lavish pay and benefits of public employees.

Steve Sullivan, Wheatley Heights