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Letter: Home heating prices too high

Heating oil has risen by 38.6 cents since

Heating oil has risen by 38.6 cents since the recent low point of $3.999 on Nov. 11 and the new average is 11.1 cents higher than a year earlier. Credit: Newsday/Audrey C. Tiernan

I am a senior citizen who is freezing in my own home because of the cost of heating oil ["LI heating oil rises 15 cents, hits new season high," Business, Jan. 30].

As of Feb. 3, the average price for gasoline in our area was $3.41 a gallon for regular, but to warm your home the average for oil was $4.42.

It looks as though the global gang of greed -- including OPEC, Wall Street, oil companies, politicians and gas station owners -- has inducted local fuel dealers into the club. Our elected officials should try a fix that helps everyone.

Dahlia Marie Williams, Melville