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Letter: Honor Irish Civil War soldiers

The Second Avenue Armory in New York burns

The Second Avenue Armory in New York burns during the city's draft riots in July 1863. Credit: AP

Indeed the draft riots were a horrible chapter in New York history ["Horrific history," News, July 18].

Irish immigrants were to be drafted into a war many of them knew nothing about. They feared that if they went into the Union Army, they would lose hard-earned jobs to freed blacks coming up North -- that is, if they survived.

The Irish were already fighting in the Civil War for years with great bravery and honor, to free blacks from slavery. When the riots broke out, many Irish soldiers and police were called upon to fight the rioters. Many Irish lost their lives.

If a plaque is warranted, it should be placed to honor the Irish soldiers who fought in the Civil War and not to mark where a riot took place to dishonor them.

Kevin Mullen, Holtsville