The Long Island Rail Road is planning another undeserved fare increase [“The MTA’s favorite ATM: It’s riders and drivers,” Opinion, Nov. 19].

With regular delays due to poorly maintained equipment and systems, I would like to suggest transforming some of the cars on each train to make the delays more pleasant. I suggest a sleeper car with berths that fold down, a bingo car for enthusiasts who ride off-peak, and bring back the bar car so we can forget where we are going.

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I’d like a dining car for those who will miss breakfast meetings and dinner, a library car with old-fashioned books and newspapers — shhhhh! — and a spinning car where riders could work out. Other ideas might be a salon car where you can get a haircut and manicure, and a car where LIRR managers are stuck on filthy trains with torn seats and smelly bathrooms, standing in the aisle with no information as to why there is a delay.

Jerry Romano, Sea Cliff